Repairing Water Damage in a House

Repairing Water Damage in a House

Water damage can mess up your house, leading to big structural and financial troubles. Fixing water damage costs around $3,300 on average. But, it could go up to $13,000 or more depending on the damage’s size. It’s vital to act fast to lessen the impact and stop further problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Water damage restoration should begin within 24 hours to prevent further complications.
  • Mold can start growing within 24 hours, emphasizing the urgency of prompt water damage repair.
  • Costs for water damage repair can range from $150 to $100,000 depending on the severity and type of damage.
  • Homeowners insurance may cover significant water damage, especially if caused by sudden events like burst pipes.
  • Hiring professional water damage restoration experts is essential to ensure proper cleanup and prevention of future issues.

Immediate Actions to Take After Water Damage

Water damage needs quick action to prevent more harm. First, find where the water’s coming from and try to stop it. If a broken pipe or something similar is the issue, turn off the water supply. But if it’s more complex, like a sewer backup, get professionals involved.

Locate the Source of Water

It’s key to know if the water is clean or dirty. This decides how it should be cleaned up. Water from a broken pipe is usually clean, but sewer water is dirty and needs careful handling.

Turn Off the Power Supply

If there’s a lot of water, say in a flooded basement, turn off the power. It’s a must for safety. Don’t touch the panel if it’s wet. Ask your utility to cut the power. Then, after the place is dry, get an electrician to check everything before powering up again.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Next, call your insurance. It might cover the damage, depending on the cause. Be sure to take photos or videos of the damage. They’ll send someone to look at it. The advantage of calling early is they might recommend cleaning and repair services.

Act fast to avoid more damage and mold. These steps will help limit the problem and start the repair process right.

water damage restoration

Repairing Water Damage in a House

When you find water damage in your house, the first thing is to remove wet items. Start the drying process as soon as you can. You might need to move furniture or lift carpets to help air circulate. Small water problems can be dried with fans and dehumidifiers. But, if the damage is big, calling professionals is the best move. They have the right tools and know-how to fix the area fast.

Remove Wet Items and Begin Drying

Acting swiftly is key when water damage strikes. Take out items like furniture and rugs from the wet area. This stops more damage and makes drying easier. Using fans and dehumidifiers, plus opening windows, works for small issues. But, for big water problems, experts should be called. They will make sure everything is dried right.

Hire Water Damage Restoration Professionals

For serious water damage, professionals are your best bet. Water Damage Pros in San Bernardino are a great choice (951-903-5429). They have top-notch gear and know what to do. They’ll remove water and dry everything well. Plus, they check for mold and stop more home harm. Getting experts ensures a thorough and quick fix, cutting long-term damage.

water damage restoration

Removing wet items starts your path to fixing water damage. Combine this with professional help. It’ll keep mold and big repairs away.

Preventing Further Damage and Mold Growth

Acted quickly to remove water? Still, mold may grow in hidden spots. This includes behind walls or under floors. It can be a big health risk. If you think there might be mold or if things haven’t dried fully in 24 hours, get help. Call a mold remediation specialist at Water Damage Pros as soon as possible.

These pros will check your place well and test for mold. Then, they’ll safely get rid of any mold. Plus, they’ll fix the indoor air quality. Mold starts growing soon after water damage, within 24 to 48 hours. Quick action is key to stop it from spreading and causing more harm.

Call a Mold Remediation Specialist

Once the water’s gone and everything’s dry, it’s time to clean and sanitize. If clean water caused the issue, you can use normal household cleaners. But for dirty water, like from a sewage backup, it’s better to get professional help from Water Damage Pros.

They know just what to do, with special cleaning products. They’ll disinfect everything right. Mold can quickly spread in a home. So, dealing with water damage and any mold problems fast is critical. This helps protect your home and health.

Clean and Sanitize the Affected Area

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests keeping home humidity under 60% to prevent mold growth. Using a dehumidifier helps a lot. Water Damage Pros can tell you what’s best to dry your place. They can prevent more mold issues too.

Mold loves warm, wet places. So, stopping moisture is key to avoid mold. After water damage, disinfecting walls, floors, and more is crucial. In bad cases, you might need to replace some things like carpets. This ensures thorough mold removal and keeps it from coming back.


Water damage is a big issue for many homeowners. Yet, it can be tackled with the right help. Acting fast and making sure it’s safe is crucial. Then, focus on drying, cleaning, and fixing the damage. Working with experts like Water Damage Pros in San Bernardino is a smart move. This way, the damage can be lessened and mold problems avoided.

By being diligent and following correct steps, your home can look as it did before. Quick flood cleanups and stopping mold are vital. This helps keep your house’s value and makes it a good place to live. Handling water damage repair well, protects your home and keeps it safe for your family.

No matter the issue, from burst pipes to floods, the skilled team at Water Damage Pros in San Bernardino can help. They offer top-notch repair solutions. Knowing your home is in their hands brings peace of mind. You can be sure the repair work will go smoothly.


What are the immediate steps to take after discovering water damage in my home?

The first thing to do is find where the water is coming from and stop it. You might need to turn off the water or get help from a professional. It’s also important to turn off the power and inform your insurance company right away.

How do I handle the cleanup and drying process after water damage?

If the problem is small, you could move wet items out and use fans. DIY tools like dehumidifiers can also help dry things out. But for big flooding problems, it’s smarter to bring in professionals. They’re equipped to handle thorough drying.

When should I call in a professional for water damage restoration?

For serious water damage, it’s best to get help from a professional. Companies like Water Damage Pros in San Bernardino are skilled at assessing damage and drying out areas effectively.

How do I prevent mold growth after water damage?

Swift action doesn’t always stop mold. If drying takes longer than 24 hours, or if you spot mold, call experts. Water Damage Pros can handle mold issues well.

What’s the best way to clean and sanitize the affected area after water damage?

Using regular cleaners is okay if the water was clean, like a pipe leak. But if water was dirty, it’s risky. In cases of sewage backup, it’s wiser to get professionals involved. Water Damage Pros know how to clean and sanitize safely.

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